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CMB-VERTIKAL CONSTRUCTION is a full-service building and civil construction company offering a diversified range of solutions such as:

Estate and Property Development

Leaning on the major strides achieved by CMB over the years, CMB-Vertikal will take on all the existing housing construction of the CMB group thereby providing technical expertise and workforce capacity which will change the housing delivery market in Nigeria. Apart from housing contracts through CMB’s established brand and marketing techniques, CMB-Vertikal will also embark on its own marketing journey and establish itself as a household name in the housing construction sphere.

Residential Commercial and Industrial Building Construction

Due to the fact that the major players in the industry have neglected the upper-middle scale projects, CMB-Vertikal will aim at reaching customers within the aforementioned scale and create a niche and explore a void in this sector of industry. The CMB-Vertikal intend to be an alternative to the big players using local knowledge combined with international standards as a calling card and engage with developers of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Civil Construction

CMB-Vertikal’s allegiance will combine the established network, contacts, and referrals of CMB with the mastery and efficient civil construction techniques of Vertikal to becoming a recognized name in civil construction across the country. CMB-Vertikal aims to commence with smaller contracts from both individuals and Government before expanding to bigger contracts. The company will be creating an efficient civil construction team that will implement cost saving and prompt delivery methods that can compete and even be better than the already established construction companies in the country.

Real Estate Advisory

With over 3 decades in the real estate market, the company will be well suited to consult on technical issues ranging from design to project planning, alternative building technologies, and maintenance. CMB-Vertikal offers facility preparation, supervision in accordance with all applicable requirements and verification of quality and costs. This will avail the company the opportunity to further engage with more clients and broaden scope of the construction industry with focused research and development.

Infrastructure Development

CMB-Vertikal carries out comprehensive road and parking projects with appropriate infrastructure. The company also executes projects, implements and coordinates the construction of external infrastructure such as electricity, telecommunications, gas, sanitary, rain drainage, water supply and connection networks, as a part of multiple project documentation, land-use plan or independent designs.

Architectural Design
& Technical Assessment

CMB-Vertikal's design studio carries out technical documentation, participates in the investment from the concept phase, through the construction design to the execution phase. At the same time the company conducts the formal-legal process until it is granted a building permit. CMB-Vertikal deals with cost estimates and technical specifications, supervises the work and prepares opinions, assessments and expert opinions on construction constructions. Qualified designers of all specializations working on projects enable optimum integration and coordination of multi-discipline projects.


CMB and VERTIKAL have, over the years, built an impressive portfolio in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.